He has a banjo and he's not afraid to use it.

Sing Along With Tom Calendar

Join Tom for an evening of humorous stories, user-friendly songs, and acoustic folk philosophy that's
guaranteed to leave you smiling. Armed with longneck banjo and other weapons of mass
delight, Tom will have you singing along in no time. Tune up your vocal chords; you'll need 'em!

  • March 10 (Friday), Three Rivers Folklife Society Coffeehouse, Richland WA....INFO HERE
  • March 11 (Saturday), Wenatchee WA    Info TBA
  • March 17 (Friday), Beats on Broadway, Vancouver BC    Info TBA
  • March 18 (Saturday), Benefit for Olympia FOR, at Traditions, Olympia WA....INFO HERE
  • April 2 (Sunday Morning), Storyteller Tom at Orcas Food Co-op, Eastsound WA    Info TBA
  • April 8 (Saturday), House Concert, Poulsbo WA....INFO HERE
  • April 21 (Friday), Earth Day Rally, Seattle WA    Info TBA
  • April 23 (Sunday afternoon), Storyteller Tom at "Earth Day Storytelling 2017", Seattle WA    Info TBA
  • May 26-29, Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle WA    Info TBA
  • July 11, (Tuesday), with Ellen van der Hoeven at Jericho Folk Club, Vancouver BC    Info TBA
  • July 15, (Saturday), Lake Wenatchee State Park Amphitheater, Leavenworth WA    Info TBA
  • August 19-20, Princeton Traditional Music Festival, Princeton BC    Info TBA
  • September 2-3, Tumbleweed Music Festival, Richland WA    Info TBA
  • September 29 (Friday), Corvallis OR    Info TBA
  • September 30 (Saturday), Eugene OR    Info TBA
  • October 1 (Sunday), Portland OR    Info TBA
  • October 14-15, with Ellen van der Hoeven at UBC Apple Festival, Vancouver BC    Info TBA
  • December 2, 9 & 16, Alki Tours Snow Train, Seattle-Leavenworth WA    Info TBA

  • Additional bookings in progress--check back often.

Memory Lane: On the Road With Tom, 2003-2017

For bookings call Tom at 206.632.8248
or eMail: tomrawson "AT" gmail "DOT" com