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Recorded live at the Victoria Folk Music Society, Victoria BC on April 23, 2006,
Where the Coho Flash Silver contains fourteen contemporary and traditional
folk songs. Once again, Tom weaves his sing-along magic with the voices
of the enthusiastic Victoria folk music community. Back-up is provided by
Calvin Cairns, Janet Stark, Kim Willoughby, Margaret Chilibeck,
Rick van Krugel, Jake Galbraith, Denis Donnelly, and Greg La Riviere.

Tracks from Where the Coho Flash Silver
Circle of Light  ▪   Take a Box   ▪   Big Bend Boulevard   ▪   Well May the World Go  Listen
Christmas in the Trenches/I Believe   ▪   Old Settler Song  Listen
If You Miss Me From the Back of the Bus  Listen ▪  Passing Through   Listen
Willamette River Song   ▪   Where the Coho Flash Silver   ▪   Key of R   ▪   Somewhere to Begin Up Above My Head   ▪   I Bid You Goodnight Listen

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Tom Rawson
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To order your copy of Outside The Lines send $15 to:
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Tom Rawson
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Eastsound WA 98245

Recorded live in December, 1992, Outside The Lines 
captures Tom at his best leading his enthusiastic audience 
in 12 easy-to-sing-along contemporary folk songs, 
dealing with such earth-shattering topics as family reunions, 
Colorado railroads, farmland preservation, 
and the importance of questioning the limits of
 the black lines in coloring books. 
Selections include three of Tom's originals as well as covers
 by Bill Staines, Judy Fjell, Tom Hunter, 
George Fouke, and Tedd Judd. 
The album was produced by Linda Waterfall and features 
vocal and instrumental backup from such 
Northwest musical geniuses
 as Peter Langston, Greg Canote, Jere Canote, John Foster, 
Joel Bernstein, Chrissie Marshall, and Joe Weihe

"Here's live 
community singing 
led by 
the warm, clear, 
defined work 
of Rawson. 
Grab the lyric sheet 
and sing along 
with the live audience
....Must buy 
for those 
who love 
to sing along. 

--Chris Lunn, 
Victory Review, June 1993

  • Green Mountain Supper
  • All Gone
  • Royal Gorge
  • Old TIme Religion
  • Family of Woman and Man
  • Peterson's Farm


    For bookings call Tom at 206.632.8248
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