From the Don't Just Take Our Word For It Department:  

"Since Tom Rawson came to our house, 
we've hardly been able to give him a rest because he 
makes us feel like singing and smiling and dancing and crying 
and laughing and because we love his music 
and we want him to stay around for a long, long time!" 
--Linda Allen

Enter Tom Rawson.  Witty, energetic, and armed with banjo, lap dulcimer, and guitar, he takes the stage to warm applause from the crowd who has turned out to see him.  Tom and this audience are made for each other.  They know lots of songs and heck, they'll sing along even when you don't ask them to.  I've seen some performers taken aback by this.  Not Tom.  His grin broadens as the harmonies swell. He teases them, singing one called "This is NOT a sing along!" You got it: they sing along anyway, getting louder and fuller as Tom more stridently insists that this is NOT a sing along! 

-- Hank Cramer, Victory Review
March 2002

"Tom Rawson-Pete Seeger. These two run together in my mind. Friendly charismatic banjo playing lovers of folk music. A full smiling voice who loves to share his musical treasures with an 'I know something you don't know and you're gonna love it too' kind of smile. More of a sharing than a show. . . We gladly follow his lead and sing with the chorus from the very first song, every song a sing along. . . First timer or old fan, old song or new, it always seems we are singing our favorites with an old friend. A past brimming with hope for a gentler future. . . Tom is showing us we may be strangers, but we are a family. A family of song."

 --Steve Durfee, 
Victory Review, May 1993

Hi Tom! Thank you so much for giving so unstintingly of your time and
energy. I figured out that in the whole time I saw you--four
mini-concerts and two features--you only repeated about three songs! I
really enjoyed your sets, your enthusiasm and your commitment to this
kind of music. You are what we folkies strive to be and to see - a
musician that can connect with the audience and make the whole folk
music art form relevant to each person there.
--Sue Irwin, Nanaimo Folk Connection, Nanaimo BC


For bookings call Tom at 206.632.8248
or eMail: tomrawson "AT" gmail "DOT" com