Tom Rawson, Storyteller
School Programs

A visit from storyteller/folksinger Tom Rawson to your school is an
experience children will remember and cherish for years to come! A
typical day begins with a 30-45 minute all-school presentation in which
Tom regales his audience with exhilarating folk tales from around the
world, as well as charming yarns from his own comical experiences. With
banjo and dulcimer accompaniment he throws in a few toe-tapping
sing-along tunes interspersed between the stories. For the rest of the
day Tom works with children in their classrooms, sharing more stories
and helping students develop passions and skills to perform their own
stories in front of a group.

Tom has taught pre-school and primary grades in both public and private
school settings in the Seattle area for almost three decades. He performs regularly
at children's concerts, libraries, and folk festivals. He gives
workshops for educators on ways to use folk tales and the art of
storytelling as an integral part of a whole-language reading


Tom did a wonderful job 
helping the third grade students fine-tune their storytelling skills. 
He made all of the children 
feel important 
and that they too could be 
great storytellers. 
The children were excited 
to share their personal stories 
with their classmates.

-- Beth Langendorf
Midway Elementary School, Moro IL

Tom Rawson is the jack of all trades. 
He is a wonderful performer, 
excellent musician, 
storyteller, and teacher. 
His friendliness and overall demeanor
put the children at ease with music 
and telling stories. 
I was amazed to see
what my children could do 
after only 30 minutes with Tom. 
His visit was a highlight 
of our school year.

-- Shannon Weber 
Hamel Elementary School, Hamel, IL

Tom, you were so entertaining. 
You had children 
who normally can't sit still
or stay focused 
for more than a couple of minutes 
on the edge of their seats
for almost an hour!

--Kathy Schmidt
Ninety-One School, Hubbard OR

For bookings call Tom at 206.632.8248
or eMail: tomrawson "AT" gmail "DOT" com